You can find detailed information about areas of expertise and solutions of VESTEL Defence Industry, one of the leading companies in Turkish Defense Industry, on our website.

VESTEL Defence has been providing a wide range of products and services from design and development to production in Unmanned Aerial Vehicles, System Integration, Hydrogen and Fuel Cell Technologies in Defense and Aviation Industry.

Our UASs are developed completely according to our vision for being one of the leading companies not only in Turkey, but also in our region especially in the Unmanned Aerial Vehicles area. We are proud to contribute to the development of Turkish Defense and Aviation Industry and to the strategic position of Turkey with our UASs developed completely by Turkish engineers from complete design to production

The investment we make for R&D activities in Fuel Cell area which can only be conducted in few countries in the world in parallel with our Unmanned Aerial Vehicles works proves the broad vision of Zorlu Group.

We as VESTEL Defence believe that success is only possible by meeting customer expectations, and strive to provide services exceeding customer expectations with our highly educated and experienced employees with an innovative approach.


Our vision as VESTEL Defence Industry is to become a leading and reliable global company developing high technology system solutions with innovative approaches in the defense industry. We as VESTEL Defence Industry employees,adapt the following values to achieve this vision:

  • Customer satisfaction is our primary priority. We focus on customer needs and requests, our most significant principle is to provide services exceeding customer expectations.
  • Our continuous improvement process, R&D works, experience and skills make us achieve creative and competitive purposes and finally ensures customer satisfaction.
  • For consistent growth and strong financial structure, our most significant asset is our employees. We aim to make our employees proud of our company, improve and be satisfied of themselves.
  • We believe that team spirit will keep VESTEL Defence’s competitive power at the top. For this, we adapt a leadership approach that encourages teamwork and maximizes flexibility, dynamism, productivity and effectiveness in VESTEL Defence.
  • We aim to produce high quality products with our business partners based on a cooperation approach that enhances productivity and is compliant with other conditions of law and contracts while looking out interests of parties. In VESTEL Defence, responsibility of quality belongs to all of us in order to ensure quality and achieve continuous improvement.


Vestel Kalite Yonetim Sistemi

ISO-9001: 2015

Quality Management System

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