KARAYEL Tactical UAV System is the first and only Tactical Unmanned Aerial Vehicle designed and produced according to NATO’s STANAG-4671 for reconnaissance and surveillance purposes. KARAYEL system has novel triple redundant distrubted avionics architecture which ensures protection against all kinds of uncontrolled crash. With this feature, VESTEL Defence has carried systematic fault safety used only in manned aviation in the world until now to an unmanned aerial vehicle for the first time with KARAYEL. The aerial vehicle has the ability to protect against lightning thanks to the aluminum network grid on its composite structure. ‘De-Icing System’, which automatically detects icing conditions and activates, is used. With this feature, KARAYEL resists adverse weather conditions and shows superior. It has the ability to detect and identify targets with the payloads it carries for reconnaissance and su, and to direct laser controlled ammunitions thanks to the marking system.


  • STANAG 4671 referenced design
  • Lightning Protection
  • Ice Removal
  • Triple redundant avionic architecture
  • Fully autonomous takeoff/flight/landing
  • AVGAS 100 LL
  • Composite main structure
  • Up to 190 kg, payload load capacity
  • Up to 20 hours of flight with 55 kg EO/IR Payload
  • Up to 22.500 ft Operation Altitude
  • 200 km LOS range
  • GCS/GDT Handover


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  • NATO 4586 Interoperability
  • NATO III shelter compliant to NATO-6516/SCHPE/86 standard
  • Air-conditioning with 2 high powered air conditioners
  • Filtering against lightning and EMI effect in electricity and data lines
  • TASMUS/TAFICS interface
  • High capacity uninterrupted power source and backed-up DC regulators


  • Cabinet compliant to military standards
  • Heating and cooling unit
  • Uninterrupted power source and backed-up DC regulators
  • TASMUS/TAFICS interface
  • Operation beyond line of sight with advanced base and GDT transfer


KARAYEL can carry payloads like EO/IR, ES, SAR. Karayel has capacity of carrying EO/IR payloads with NIRS 7+ and properties


  • EO-Day Camera (HD) – optical zoom features
  • Night (IR) Camera (HD) – optical zoom features
  • Laser Distance Meter
  • Laser Target Directing
  • Laser Target Marking

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