VESTEL Defence Industry has been conducting activities in hydrogen and fuel cell technologies area since 2004. From that time, it has conducted cooperation with the most prestigious universities of the country in this area, and has taken part in many national and international projects. VESTEL Defence Industry has gained significant knowledge in Solid Oxide Fuel Cell (SOFC) and stack development, and has created national and international publications in SOFC membrane production, SOFC cell and stack design, sodium boron hydride (SBH) hydrogen production, PEM fuel cells areas as well as many patents and utility models. 

Clean energies R&D Laboratory of VESTEL Defence Industry is in Taşpınar / Ankara.

In addition, it has been conducting R&D studies with Niğde Ömer Halisdemir University within the frame of university-industry cooperation with personnel and laboratory in Niğde Ömer Halisdemir University Prof. Dr. Turhan Nejat Veziroğlu Clean Energy Implementation and Research Center


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Solid Oxide Fuel Cell Membrane
(Electrolyte and Anode Supported)

ScSZ and YSZ based membranes are produced.

SOFC Stack

SOFC stack with power value between 1-1,3 kW is produced for civil and military use.


Catalyzers developed for hydrogen rich gas production are used for water/air reforming reactions with hydrocarbons such as diesel, propane, LPG and natural gas.


Steam and auto-thermal reformers have been developed for hydrogen rich.

PEM fuel cell stack: Developed as portable prototypes with various dimensions and power values for military and civil use generally as a tool for hydrogen generators.

Sodium Boron Hydride (SBH) Synthesis: Single phase SBH synthesis was developed different from Schlesinger and Bayer methods within laboratory scale for hydrogen production.

Sodium Boron Hydride (SBH) Cartridge: Prototypes with various power values were developed integrated to PEM fuel cell as hydrogen source.

SOFC System Integration: A 5kW prototype was developed to produce power/heat by merging SOFC sub-units such as stack, reformer and sulfur holder with relevant elements under a control unit developed.

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