VESTEL Defence has respectively developed EFE, BORA and KARAYEL Indigenous UAVs in Mini, Midi and Tactical UAV categories thanks to the broad knowledge and experience it has obtained during the works conducted on Unmanned Aerial Vehicles starting from 2005. VESTEL Defence has the ability to design, produce and test any aerial vehicle for required operations. Based on the vision for being one of the leading companies around the region in Unmanned Aerial Vehicles area; VESTEL Defence’s emgineering team perform avionic design, software development activities including structural and aerodynamic design, auto-pilot system, central control computer and ground control station. “Airworthiness Standard: STANAG-4671” published by NATO for UAVs are considered in UAV systems designed and produced under VESTEL Defence. Thanks to this approach, UAVs developed in VESTEL Defence are distinguished as the most compliant systems in terms of these criteria when the subject is UAVs flying within civilian airspace.

KARAYEL Tactical UAV System is the first and only Tactical Unmanned Aerial Vehicle designed and produced according to NATO’s STANAG-4671 for surveillance and reconnaissance purposes. KARAYEL system has novel triple redundant distributed distributed avionics architecture which ensures protection against all kinds of uncontrolled crash. With this feature, VESTEL Defence has carried systematic fault safety used only in manned aviation in the world until now to an unmanned aerial vehicle for the first time with KARAYEL. The aerial vehicle has the ability to protect against lightning thanks to the aluminum network grid on its composite structure. ‘De-Icing System’ which automatically detects icing conditions and activates carries KARAYEL one step further in terms of operations in cold climates. KARAYEL, which is an aerial reconnaissance and surveillance platform, can perform target marking, lighting and ammunition direction with day/night target detection and identification by its camera system which it carrier as useful load and is at the top level in its class as well as laser sensors.

Cozumler Iha Zamancizgisi


  • Design, planning and documentation of production and integration
  • Design of mold / fixture / jig cured under room temperature and high temperature
  • Production by wet hand lay-up / vacuum bagging
  • Part production by vacuum infusion
  • Part production by vacuum supported RTM
  • Lamination by laser guide
  • Structural and mechanical assembly
  • Production of composite moldsMetal part production


  • Platform Design
  • Metallic Component Design
  • Composite Component Design
  • Mechanical Systems Design
  • Avionics System Architecture Design
  • Autopilot Design
  • Printed Circuit Design
  • Harness Design
  • Ground Control Station and Ground Data Terminal Design


  • Airworthiness
  • Requirement Management
  • Special Engineering


  • Material Management
  • Maintenance Management
  • Technical Publication Management

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